Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sound the Alarm....

Run out the door.....
Guess who just turned FOUR???

The last few months have been a whirlwind to me....  Did we really already have Christmas and celebrate New Year's?  Wow.  Where did the time go....and now....tis the season for birthdays.    Last week when we were making party decorations....Joseph asked me to take his picture with the number 4.  He remembered doing this same exact thing last year with the number 3.  I am always happy to can I not with this adorable face??

We had his party a few days early on the weekend so most of our family could be there.  Joseph was excited for weeks prior.  He started asking every morning about 2 weeks in advance "Is today my party day?"

He chose a fire truck theme.... I was pretty shocked that he didn't ask for a CARS party.....Fire trucks....such a perfect theme for a little boy.

I really wanted to keep his cake a I had to work on it at night so he didn't see it.  Kind of hard when little ones keep coming downstairs to ask to have help blowing their noses.    Needless to say... I kinda rushed....and the home-made frosting didn't look as pretty as the canned frosting the recipe used...but I think it tasted better in the end:)

I saw the idea for the cookies on Etsy....and once I realized I already had the cutter.... I decided they were a must to make!

A few of the sweet treats... (had to include some chocolate cookies for my chocolate loving little guy).

And at the last minute J requested strawberry cupcakes.  I have always wanted to make a home made strawberry I found a recipe and modified it for cupcakes.....S and J LOVED them:)

The favor table and invites from Dimple Prints on Etsy....they were fabulous!

I arranged for the party guests to have a tour of our nearby fire station.   Joseph was so excited to see where the fire fighters slept and to see the big trucks.

I had actually done this with Sophia and Joseph when J was a baby.....but of course J was too little to remember.

And of course Papa Rick always gets the giggles out of him!

Unfortunately... after we had finished the inside tour of the station.....and just before J and his friends got to get in the trucks.... the fire fighters got called to a REAL emergency!  It was exciting for Joseph to see the trucks leave...but sad that we didn't get to see inside of them.  We will definitely plan a trip back!

S and J had some fun running with his buddies before we left!

Then back to our house for presents and cake.  I loved how excited J was to wear his hat and how he wanted his buddy Will to help him open....and even Sammy got in on the action.....I guess he got some good practice for his birthday that is just right around the corner...

Make a wish!

I was so glad my sweet friend came along with her sweet children and took some wonderful pictures!  Her pictures really captured the party!  Thanks so much Nance!

The guests at the fire station...

Will and Joseph peeking in after the fire trucks left.


And then...big sister wheeled in the BIG surprise....  a NEW bike!  We were worried it would be too big for our little J....but the size seems to be working and J can ride it like a pro!

LOVE this picture....

I can't believe he is already this many...

Hope all of his wishes come true!

Now it's time to switch gears and get ready for a FIRST birthday party in a few weeks.  Haven't even begun thinking about Sammy's BIG day....but I'd better get busy!  I have big plans every day of accomplishing so much....but in the end much of my day involves playing prison guard to keep Sammy from escaping the gates, and from picking up any glass objects.  Today he found my m & m stash and dumped every last one on the kitchen floor.  I scurried to pick them up (okay...hobbled...still trying to move around on this annoying broken toe) before Willie got them.  

And then my "plan"changes to....okay... I will get some of "my" work done when the kids go to bed.....But yet again....those plans are thwarted by 7-year olds who can't go to sleep because they are scared of time bombs in the Nancy Drew series, and crying babies on the verge of another ear infection, and last but not least,  newly turned four-year olds calling for kleenex.  The colds have returned...and I am one tired mama.  I guess the pantry organization will have to wait yet another day:)  

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