Monday, January 30, 2012

A big week

I do not want to admit this...but my baby IS turning ONE in just a few short days.  It just doesn't seem possible.  I can picture exactly where I was and what I was doing one year ago this week when I got THE phone call that made us a family of 5.  I knew in my heart...way before I met him...that special little baby was meant for us.... He was the one we had prayed for and waited for.  It was all part of His greater plan.

We will celebrate the gift this sweet boy is to us this weekend....we are already singing Happy Birthday to him.  And I LOVE how he smiles that big smile when he hears us sing his name!

So...just a few pictures of my BIG kids from last week....lots of hanging around the house time last week...since poor J had strep!  But still lots going on...never a dull moment.

Chocolate chip cookie always "lick the beater good!"

Mr. Sammy is getting his 7th and 8th teeth already... and just can't chew on enough things!

This grown-up girl....loves to do her school work....She is getting ready to prepare for her First Holy Communion, and has decided she will be a Fashion Designer when she grows up..... She spent much of the weekend....cutting old Barbie/Princess outfits and re-designing them into different fancy gowns...strapless gowns...she said it was hard to get those strapless gowns to stay up over those "bumps"  Ha, ha!!!

And I guess he thinks my new toy is pretty fun too!

Willie sometimes gets stuck behind all of the gates/closed doors...They are a necessity these days to keep Mr. Sammy from escaping and running for the stairs...which he thinks is pretty funny!

These two... are quite the pair! (And....yes...I did clean the glass on this door after I took these pics.....ahhh the joys of having kids...the fingerprints...the lips pressing on the glass....someday....maybe in 10 or 15 years... I might be able to keep this clean for more than 5 minutes!!!)

See... I told you he was quick!

Have a great week!

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