Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Sweet Samuel....

One year ago today.... our hearts got a little bigger.  One year ago today.....on that cold, wintery Mama's heart ached to hold you..... One year ago today....I knew you belonged to me.

In one have learned to smile that sweet, sweet smile.  You have learned to giggle with that cute little low voice.  In one year, you have learned to grin and lift that little eyebrow.  In one year, you have learned to fall in love with your sweet big sister and silly big brother.  In one year you have learned patty cake and how to  say "Mama" and "Daddy."  In one year, you have learned to roll over, sit, crawl, walk, and even run.  In one year you have learned to grow BIG and Tall!

In one year you have learned to make us all smile.

In one year, WE have learned the joy that only a Mama and Daddy know.

We are so grateful for the blessing that you are, and so fortunate to be the ones to watch you grow.  May all your dreams come true sweet Sammy!


koki said...

Happy 1st birthday Sammy! Love you, Thea

Jenn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sammy! I love how God has brought you ALL are an amazing family with so much love to give!!!! Wish I could be there to give him a big squeeze!