Sunday, February 5, 2012

One Year Well Check

Sammy had his one-year well visit last Thursday!  I always hesitate to plan well-checks (where vaccines are involved) prior to party days....but this little man is sick sooo often...that I have to squeeze those well visits in when I can.  He received a clean bill of health at the doctor....such a blessing.....
Here are his AMAZING stats!!

At 1 year                                                                 Looking back at 9 months
Height:  33 1/2 in.  above 95%                               Height:  31 1/4 inches
Weight:  26 lbs 12 oz  94%                                     Weight:  24 lbs
Head Circumference:  19 3/4 above 95%               H.C.  19 1/2

He is definitely a HEALTHY and GROWING little boy.  I still have concerns about his ears and may have the ENT look in his ears again...still considering tubes.  This poor little guy pulls on his ears night and day.....and just can not sleep soundly.  He still wakes up sometimes 6-8 times a night.....And after 12 months of this...I'm not really sure what B and I would do if we actually got a FULL night of we might wake up feeling refreshed!  Ha!

And as I suspected...the four shots he received on Thursday....did't bode well for the birthday boy.... he felt pretty crummy the night before his party and was still not 100% on Saturday.

I have lots of pictures to share from his day....but this terrific migraine I have been trying to ignore all day may just be getting the best of me.... so I'll leave you with just a few of my favorites I've looked through so far.....

And of course I can't leave out the other two....

Poor J must be coming down with something...b/c he has been exhausted and eating even less....he is such a teensy little thing already....

And Miss Sophia....just keeps getting more and more grown up.  She asked to read the story tonight before bed to all of us....and sat at the end of the bed pointing to all of the pictures for J to see...just like a teacher....she's incredible.  Here's a picture we took today for a fun little project we are going to do for her 100th day of school!

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