Monday, February 13, 2012

First Snow of 2012

Well.... who would have guessed it would have taken until February 13th....for our first snowfall of the year... it wasn't huge...just  a few inches...but enough for some good old fashioned snow fun!  Our school actually had the day off today it wasn't a "real" snow day...but S and J sure enjoyed it all the same!

Here they are all ready to head out....

It was pretty good snow for packing and for snowball making.  I thought for sure they would start to make a snowman...but instead they thought it was really fun to attempt to ride their bikes through the snowy yard...until I had to put a stop to that after it looked pretty unsafe!

Ahhh...the fun of making snow angels....

And this little guy was supposed to be napping...but instead decided he needed to mop.... I'll take an extra helper over nap time any day! :)

He was pretty content until he noticed just what the others were doing outside...

And of course that looked more fun than  cleaning the floors!

But just as I was going to bundle him for a quick jaunt in the snow...the others decided they were too cold and headed in.....I'm guessing their will be other opportunities for little Sammy to have his fair share in the snow too!

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