Thursday, February 23, 2012

LEAPING through February

I just realized this year is a LEAP year.... where have I been??

Oh my... I almost had forgotten just how busy toddler boys can be....and can't ever take your eyes off of them.  I feel like I spend 99% of my day just chasing, saying "no," and trying to prevent actions that result in some form of injury!!

Here's what has been going on the last week or so at our house....(I'm furiously typing I can get to bed before Sammy's middle of the night crying episodes begin.

Last week, J and I had some fun making a "construction site" with trucks and lima beans...He loved filling his cement mixer and dump truck up with those beans!

We had ANOTHER beautiful 60 degree February day after a few days of being stuck inside with yet another case of strep....Sophia had some fun with her Sammy rolling in the grass!

Here's my sneaky little Sammy...

And though we did go to Ash Wednesday Mass....  I can't blame that AWFUL big bruise on those ashes.  I did mention that I TRY to prevent injuries, didn't I?  Well.. I didn't have much success in that department today....Sammy ran into the corner of a wall....He spends so much of his day just wandering around....trying to get into things.. it was bound to happen sooner or later...oooohhh..but I felt so bad.  Then of course... J had to have sympathy "accidents" all day...

J:  "Oh arm rubbed my batman house... I think I need an icepack"....or "Mommy, my cheek rubbed on Sam's shirt... is it red? Do I need a band-aid?"

And this pic is so blurry.....he is sooo fast... but I love his smile!

He is on meds AGAIN for another ear infection... He was off for about 2 days before getting another...(though I think it just never cleared up).  Now he's been on meds again for almost 5 days...and still tugging at those ears in pain...and not sleeping well at all... Poor little Sammy...and to think that the nurses at my doctor's office still try to make me feel guilt for scheduling the tubes next week.  At this point...the only guilt I feel is that I waited so long to schedule this!!! I feel terrible that he has felt so miserable for so long!

Lent has begun, and I always struggle to find ways to make the meaning of Lent more relevant to my kids. I think it is a hard concept to understand.... It's hard for them to understand the "giving up," and sacrificing that we need to do especially during this time.  I am not a big believer that  one needs to "GIVE UP" something to be a good Christian during this time....I try to encourage that we make sacrifices in other ways...(ie...trying to turn your cheek when your little brother pulls your hair incessantly...this is really the hard stuff....being the better person, forgiving, etc).

I have found some amazing ideas through Pinterest.  We have made crosses and Lenten Paths to document our efforts at making some of those "sacrifices" this Lenten Season.

And while we are on the subject of Forgiveness....

Here's what J did last night after we put him to bed....He found Sister's chapstick...and went to town...all over his bathroom counter, floor, the WALL.....(Papa Rick... I hope you are NOT reading this!!!) and in his hair ( I guess he was aiming for the "waxy styled" look).  

God is definitely testing me on that topic of FORGIVENESS...:)

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yiayia said...

God love the little children!!!! Whatever they may do. :-) <3