Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter and Spring Cleaning...

Easter came and went in the blink of an eye.  We had a nice and relaxing day (minus the stress of being forced to sit in the front row at Mass with a crazy, hard to control, almost 30 pound one-year old).  Thankfully...B held him tight the whole time and he fell asleep halfway through...whew!!! 

Here's a silly picture of the kids just before Mass....oh you can always count on the boys to stick their tongues out or do something silly when I'm asking them to "sit pretty."  But I love the pure joy in their smiles in this picture!

It's so hard to capture all three finding their eggs....they are too quick for this Mama!

Sam did get into the hunt a little this year... we had some practice rounds the day before....but mostly I think he just loved to open and close the eggs, and then of course put whatever was inside directly in his mouth.

In years past.... I have always had the E.B. ring our doorbell the day before Easter leaving only bags of jellybeans for the kids with instructions to plant the beans for a surprise on Easter morning.  This year we did the same...but instead of our rainbow colored lollipops growing...this is what the kiddos found in the morning...

Bouncy balls and rainbow candies...

But that little bunny didn't get away without leaving his mark.... Thank you to my sweet and amazingly talented cookie friend for sharing this tradition that she does with her boys.

I love how this little guy loves his cars!

Besides the plastic eggs...Sammy loved this little light up froggy!  He smiles so big when he pushes the button all by himself to make it light up!

A few more pics... can't believe how much they have all grown from last year!

We had a lovely lunch at Yiayia's house and came home to relax in the evening.....until B suddenly came down with Strep throat AGAIN.... Oh my....just keeping my fingers crossed that the kiddos can steer clear of it.

And in other news....we have been trying to do some spring time sprucing of our house.  This is what my living room looked like today...

It was utter chaos...and a complete mess...but I couldn't be happier because...

this is what resulted...

Yep...FINALLY B let me carry the downstairs hardwood into our bedroom.  No more more Willie more lugging the giant vacuum in....YIPEE!!! And we are sooo close to getting it finished.  B is in there as I type beginning to apply a fresh coat of creamy mayonnaise paint on the walls...should make it all light and bright!!  Can't wait!

AND.... our new subway tile.... (my new jadeite cake plate looks pretty against the white, doesn't it???)  I was pretty excited to find yet another cake plate (yes.. I have an addiction) and it was sooo incredibly cheap!!!

When the fun is over the real spring cleaning will begin.... floor installation can stir up a huge amount of DUST!!! But it will be well worth it in the end!!!

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