Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Whew!  We finally got a break from the 100 degree temps...at least for a few days.  So we are now able to actually play outside for more than just 10 minutes!  I snagged this beach ball that seems to be making its rounds through all of our neighbors yards....and just sat back and watched the kids play... I realized I had my camera right by the door...so I took a few pics....Afterall...all three were in matchy matchy outfits today:)

Such a happy go lucky little J!  His enthusiasm just makes me smile...I'm so lucky to be his Mama.  Today at lunch...we were listening to some music and the kids were asking what songs they liked as babies.  I clearly remember singing "Beautiful Boy" to Joseph before every nap...he was my first boy after all....and of course I thought he was beautiful the moment I laid eyes on him.  I couldn't remember the other song that he loved to listen to...so I pulled out the slideshow I made for his baptism....and realized the other song was Baby Mine.  We watched the video while we ate...and Joseph literally cried tears seeing his baby pictures and hearing the songs.  He has an amazing heart...this little boy....he can be mischievous and down right stubborn at times....but deep down.... he has a heart of gold.

And this little headstrong person below....well she almost threw a huge fit when I pulled out J's Baptism slideshow...accusing me of not making her a slideshow.  So I had to rummage through her box to prove her wrong.  Her slideshow actually came later...don't think I had the technology on my computer back then....but I did make up for it with a slideshow covering her first five years!

She is in love with this bracelet sweet Kara made with her this week.  I'm thinking she might wear this one for quite some time....

And Sammy....so hard to capture his smiles in pictures...because I just can't move fast enough to get them!  He does smile...though...and when he does...oh that toothy grin....it's contagious.   He is having a tough time getting his teeth in...he has lots....but they all seem to come at once.  He has lots to say...just few words that we can actually understand....but I realized today...that I think he is trying to ask "WHAT'S THAT" for just about everything he sees.  The way he says it in his low little voice...is too cute!!

Still.can't.take.my.eyes.off.him.  Yesterday, he ate part of a blue crayon.  Saturday he was on the kitchen table with scissors... I won't say who was supposed to be watching him....hmmm   Today, he pulled out the turn table in the microwave, gnawed on the shutters with his sore toothers, and opened the lower oven and attempted to sit on the door (thank goodness it was turned off).  Later today, he carried my flour canister holding nearly 5 lbs of flour from the pantry to the carpet where I caught him opening it just a split second before it landed all over the floor.  I'm not kidding when I say I can't take my eyes off him.

And these two can't get enough of tree climbing...too bad our trees are not big enough for real climbing:)  I'm always worried those weak branches will give way and someone will "break their neck!!"

And this is what you have to do when your favorite toy...the broom....gets stuck in a tree.....Look at that determined face!

And just a few more pics (mostly from my phone) that I found... Speaking of determination....it is a definite MUST when playing "Operation."

That's some serious surgical skills if you ask me...

And I decided we needed some good formal swimming lessons for S and J.  

Oh it makes me nervous just looking at this picture...the instructors ask the children to sit on the edge of the pool, and I literally can't sit down during the entire lesson...because I'm so afraid he will fall in.... he just doesn't like to sit still!!!

And...you can't imagine my excitement when I found these....half off at Hobby Lobby... I have been dreaming of pretties for all of my sanding sugars and cookie sprinkles for over a year now... This was a welcome sight after S and I worked hard to peel all the price tags off and wash them out.  Now they are filled with pretty sprinkles and probably taking up too much pantry space....but the organization of it all...just makes me happy.  I am trying to create lots of projects to maintain my sanity as I battle this annoying injury....finally found out that this pain I've been having is the result of a fractured pelvic bone...completely depressing to someone who likes to be on the move 24/7.  Looks like I'll be moving much slower for a while....

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