Wednesday, September 5, 2012

And...he's off!

Well... it was finally my middle man's turn to be off to school today....he was sooo excited.  He's been asking every morning since Sophia started school..."Do I have preschool today?"

He was definitely ready.  I never am.  My little J....he is crazy busy... a non-stop talker and can definitely test my patience...but he is ALWAYS my buddy.  He's my "I love you, Mommy" out of the blue for no reason at all.  He's my "I like your shirt today, Mommy" even though he's seen it over and over and over.  I love him so much....

He is such a little guy....and pretty soon his little brother may be bigger than him...but he has a BIGGER heart than anyone I know.  I am trying desperately to get him to fit in his 4T clothes...but had to pin his new shorts today...and fasten his new little shoes really tight so they didn't fall off.  (He was mad that I made him wear new gray shoes....he wanted to wear his bright blues...but somehow I got him out the door in the grays, and by the time he came home he told me he loved them:)

He was almost too excited to stop for pictures...but of course that won't fly in this house!!! We took some at home and at school...

When I picked him up a few hours later he was all smiles... and said he had a great day and even sang the song they learned about Rockin' school in their new shoes!!! (Great that he had a new pair!)  He did mention there was some confusion about who bit a little boy in his class....but he promised me it was not him...oh dear.... hope I don't have to worry about that!

We had a picnic lunch with his favorite buddy at the park.... a perfect end to his exciting morning.  I hope this year goes very slow....Kindergarten is just around the corner....and I certainly won't be ready for that!!

At least I had my little guy to keep me company...and even he gave me a few smiles for the camera this morning...

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