Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Damage Control

Don't let these two fool you...they may be cute....but they are pretty much always up to no good..ha:)

 Since the Missy has gone back to school...seems like I have been doing a lot of "damage control" around the house.  For instance...take my monthly wall calendar... It used to be covered with a nice sheet of glass until a few days ago when I was carrying Sam to put him in the car, and he took his arm and gave the calendar a nice hit causing it to fall to the floor and break in a thousand tiny pieces.  So until I can find a replacement glass...I've tried to temporarily tape it in place (which is not working too well).

And on to exhibit two....this time the culprit was Mr. J.... Apparently he saw a tiny seam in the bathroom wallpaper and decided to try to "fix it" on his own.  I didn't notice it for a few hours...and honestly thought maybe Sam had done it...but J confessed once we promised we would not get upset if whoever did it was honest and admitted it to us.  I guess I was getting tired of that old wallpaper's really one of the only spots in our house that we haven't maybe J was just helping me to speed up the redecorating process:)

After all this craziness.... and after reading about this idea on a favorite blog of mine... I decided a "Calming Bottle" be just what we needed at our house with these two crazy boys.  The idea behind the "Calming Bottle" is that it is supposed to help kids calm down when things get crazy.  I figured it was worth a shot....So we washed out an old water bottle...added some hot water... a few tablespoons of clear glue and some colorful glitter. 

We turned it upside down

Gave it a good shake...then sat and relaxed until ALL the glitter settled back down.

Even Sammy had a turn...

He looks pretty relaxed to it really does work!

And on to other news....J's FOUR-year old preschool orientation was this morning.  I was so excited to have a little "mommy and Joseph" time today and he was so excited to see his new classroom and find out who would be in his class.

I LOVE this little guy...and love how he is always willing to pose for me.  When we arrived at his classroom... my heart sank as the teacher informed us that mommies would just drop the kids off and pick them up in an hour:(  I had no idea we didn't get to STAY for the hour.  But...J...always my little socialite....did perfectly fine and said he loved every minute of it.  He even remembered the story his teacher read to him!!!

Now what is his sidekick going to do next week when J is off to school for real???


koki said...

Darling pictures. They are getting so big. I can't believe it. I have my calendar frame still if you want it . . . xxoo, thea

Anna Banana KC said...

I'm just now reading this. It appears the calming bottle was a great idea! Please tell all the kids that "Anna" says hello. I miss them and you. xo-Anna