Monday, August 13, 2012

Here she goes again...

growing up on me a little more.

A new school year is peeking around the corner...  I am not ready...

but I think the THIRD grade is already calling her name.

Today was just orientation day.  We get one more day of summer vacation before the real stuff begins on Wednesday.  We met her teacher, found her desk....(in the front row) and organized her supplies a bit.  Now if we can just get rid of her teensy little cold that little Sammy so kindly shared with her! Yep...just three days off of his second round of antibiotic for strep and he already has the sniffles and sneezies...  What are we going to do with this little guy?

Well...thank goodness we get ONE more day till this GROWN-UP girl has to hit the books!

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yiayia said...

It's hard to believe she's a 3rd grader all ready! Knowing this little sweetheart, I'm sure she will have a good year. Time just goes by toooooo quickly. <3