Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Beginnings

Well...we made it through her first day (It was actually yesterday...and I'm just getting around to posting these)! I'm glad her day was better than the pictures that I took....UGGGHHHH.... we were in such a rush....I just couldn't get good ones fast enough...

Loved that her teacher was willing to take a pic with her!!!  She seems so nice:)

The first day is always hectic and stressful...but Sophia came home HaPpY...and that's all that matters!!! It might just take me till mid December to get the boys back on the early to rise schedule!!! (They were both real treats yesterday,  and now Sammy has decided to come down with a full blown case of the snotties...uggghh. ) We have truly learned to cherish the days where this little guy is healthy...they are so few and far between....and when we get a full night of that's just like a gift from God!!!   Back to my BIG third grader.... I hope so many things for this incredible little girl this year.  I have no doubt her accomplishments will continue to amaze us....She has always been incredibly smart, sensitive and respectful.  But I hope she remembers to also enjoy herself along the way!!

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koki said...

What a beauty she is . . . . can't believe she is a 3rd grader. I vividly remember my 3rd grade year with Miss Parsons and Miss sunflower seeds Brockmeyer. xxoo, thea