Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Movin' right along....

We hit the 18-month milestone today... and  OHHHH how I wish I could slow time just a bit.  Our littlest man is growing up before our eyes and there will be no stopping him.

At 18 months he still struggles in the speech department...but I am seeing many visible signs of improvement.  Yay! Yay! and Yay!  It probably took me a good month to figure out one thing he would say over and over.  What sounded like whaddaa whaddaa turned out to be "What's that?"  So now his favorite thing to do is point at something and say "What'sthat????" Over and over and over....  But I'm so happy he is so inquisitive and wants to know what everything is.

(Most of the rest of these pics are ones I just found on my phone from the last few weeks...)

And as for fine and gross problems there.  He CAN and WILL get into anything he wants... no matter how high, no matter what kind of lock, etc:)

Since our 15 month appointment Sammy
1. has a new found love for hamburgers and apples
2.  is becoming pretty fond of Thomas the train
3.  can say EEEEEEA for Sophia
4.  has learned to take off his pants in his bed in the morning
5.  loves to hand me all of his 3 blankies in the by one just to hear me say "Thank you"
6.  will finally go to sleep if we put him in his bed awake at night:)
7. Still loves the song Row Row Row your boat
8.  Still can not part with the infamous BROOM:)
9.  Still likes to give us a few wake up calls at night:)
10.  Loves to see an airplane in the sky
11. cries every time I put his shoes on (he's now moved up to Joseph's Keen's that J wore just last summer). I think his dry and cracked little toesies may have something to do with this crying
12.  Has the CUTEST smile with the cutest teeth
13.  Whines almost 98% of the day... but when he laughs....boy does he laugh...sooooo CUTE
14.  Can crush a fishy cracker into more pieces than you can imagine and hide them in EVERY little crevice of his carseat...cupholder, car mat, etc....I think he just likes to humor his Daddy and give him something a little extra to do at the car wash:)

His 18 month stats are nothing short of impressive:

Let's compare to 15 months:

15 months                                                      18 months
head circumf:  20 1/4 in >95%                      20 3/8 inches >95%

height:             35 in >95%                            36 1/2 inch >95%

weight:            28lbs 13.4 oz >95%               30 lbs 13.2 oz >95%        

( I just glanced at a few of J's previous stats..guess what ...he wasn't 36 inches until 3 YEARS and he was only 33 lbs at 4 years!!)  Too funny!

Love this phone pic I took of the boys.  They almost look the same size....and Sam thought wearing my sweater was too fun!

The well-check ( or what I thought was a well-check) went WELL...until we did a repeat strep test just to make SURE he didn't test positive (other docs have told me he may be a carrier for strep b/c he has had it so often....and may be passing it to Brett )  So...since Sam had been off his last round of meds for his latest case (strep test from before our Omaha trip did actually culture out to a positive:( ) for over a week....Dr. W decided to do another test when he was well...and GUESS what...IT came back positive too!!! So back on the meds we go.....and we will need to figure out what is going on..... GEEZ....poor little guy:(  But KUDDOS to Dr. W who was able to peek in his ears quickly (normally at least a 10 minute screaming fest), AND complete the throat culture even though Sam had a mouthful of CHEEZ-ITS!  Wow....pretty impressive!

I can't believe how fast this time has gone, and I can't imagine what our world would be like without him.

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