Sunday, December 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

I am bound and determine to play catch up on this blog!!  Having to backtrack a bit to Halloween...

And I am glad I actually got a few pictures of the kids at Trunk or Treat in their costumes...because Halloween night went by so quickly and the kids, in their excitement, did not cooperate for pictures... But who can blame them...they were ready for the fun!

Here is J all ready for his parade at preschool!

Love that smile!

Here are the three really excited to head out the door!

And it wouldn't be a party without Bert and Ernie...right?

Well...they definitely got some good use out of their costumes this year after all of the parades, parties, trunk or treat, and trick-or-treating.   And when all was said and done, they came home with WAAAAYYY too much chocolate...which isn't always a bad thing...right?

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