Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trunk or Treat 2012

I realized I hadn't yet posted the pictures from Trunk or Treat....and figured I'd better do that before the Trick-or Treating pics to come tomorrow.  It was a chilly Trunk or Treat this year....but all three made it  and had a great time....J wasn't feeling 100%.  Poor guy was battling his allergies and asthma...but thank you Nebulizer and Prednisone (once he could choke it down) for getting him through the worst of it! I think Sam rode around in the stroller last year...but this year he was definitely a big boy and ready to try to keep up with the big kids and walk!  He was pretty serious the whole time...but definitely had a TIGHT grip on his candy bucket.  He wouldn't even let me help him carry it!!

If you could only see me trying to take pictures of all three kids in the same spot....oh my...it.is.so.hard.to.get.them.to.sit.still.    Sophia and Joseph are definitely becoming professionals, but sitting in one spot is still pretty painful for Sam! Haha!

I am laughing at this picture down below...I can just hear myself yelling at them all to look at me...and poor j...the look on his face says it all..enough already, Mama!

My blue-eyed girl...actually looks pretty good with pink hair...don't ya think?  S was so excited about this costume when she picked it out in a magazine...because she loved the hair.... but when she actually put it on....she told me she wasn't going to wear it... WHAT???? I told her the itchy feeling would go away after a while...and she really needed to wear it because after all... what is a Go-go girl with out big, pink hair?

I didn't force a lot of pictures when we were actually there...mostly because I was too cold to stand still long enough to take the pictures:)

Sophia and Kristin...

Love the back of her hair!

Sammy and his stash!

Already loving his chocolate...that's my boy!!!

We celebrated Yiayia's birthday on Saturday... The kids loved going out to eat with Yiayia and Pappou and Thea.... and of course we ended the night with cake....and ummmm... I started cutting the cake before I realized that we had forgotten to light the candles and sing Happy Birthday!  Sorry, Yiayia!!

And we also celebrated a HALF birthday on Sunday....always a big deal at our house for this little girl.

She and I stopped for a little half birthday treat while we were shopping for basketball shorts and socks:)

And finally....we attempted to carve our pumpkins....or I  attempted at least!

So Halloween tomorrow....and Christmas just around the corner....;)

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