Friday, October 26, 2012


Clearly...I have been missing the boat on my blog posts as of late, but definitely not because I am lacking pictures.  I glanced at the pictures shuffling through my screen saver the other day and realized I had so many pictures I have never shared.  Most of them are not great photographs (lots are phone and Instagram pics)....most are not of some paramount event....but ALL of them are important to me....

So today...I'm going to share them all... just the day to day.... because none of it is ever mundane to me:)  And years from now... I know they will all be memories I won't want to forget;)

A sure sign Fall is here...

Pumpkin painting at Omi and Papa's.

J and Auntie E

Our resident artist tried to recreate the Hungry Caterpillar on Sammy's shirt.  I think she did a great job!

Silly J!

Fun trip down memory lane...KU bookstore after a football game;) I think J is already pondering his major in this picture.  Doesn't he look scholarly?

One day I looked back in the car and this is what I saw....

So proud of little J's handwriting.  Are all of my kids going to be lefties???

The boys and I take every chance we get to play at the park...we will definitely miss these opportunities when the weather turns colder:(

Tuckered out.

Cowboy Day for 4-year old preschool.

Just a "girls' day" visiting Harry Truman's House and the Truman Library.

Brownie Mini Campout

They clean up pretty nicely...huh?
All ready for Auntie E's rehearsal dinner......really blurry iphone pic:(

Loving her bling!

The Petersons!

He is crazy handsome...isn't he?

Dance parties have become a regular nightly event at our house.

Wille bear...poor guy....just hasn't been feeling 100%... but still the cutest ever especially straight out of the bath...

Another soccer season in the books.  This one ended with a win and THREE goals scored by this soccer star!

A little treat from Sophia for her Mama...

This boy is serious!

Sam's first gymnastics class.

S and J got to tag along....

A breakfast treat....

All of us in ONE spot:)

Nothing like a bombardment of random pictures!! And I have a feeling I will have another set with Halloween right around the corner;)

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