Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Patch!

I just looked at my last blog post and it was nearly a month ago.... wow...I always thought as the kids got would get easier....and there would be more time for so many of the things on my "to do" list.  I couldn't have been more wrong.... Time just goes by quicker...and things do get harder...and I totally understand, now, what all those people meant when they said..."you will miss these baby days and sleepless nights."  I do miss those days.
I can't even believe it is pumpkin season already....and already halfway through October.  I'm already getting nervous about Christmas sneaking up on me.  We hit the pumpkin patch this morning before the afternoon of soccer tourney games.   We headed to Powell Pumpkin Patch in Louisburg...I think this was the kids' first trip there.  The weather was windy and perfect...but because of yesterday's rain... it was pretty muddy and the  hay rides weren't running:(  But that didn't stop these three from finding the perfect pumpkins:)

 This little girl had a busy weekend...first competitive soccer tournament.  I couldn't be more proud of her.  Their team lost a tough game Friday night, won during a rainy Saturday, and tied the final game today, playing their hearts out.

And this little man...oh...he had a rough night last nite...up 8-10 times in tears.  We are hoping some new toothers are the culprits and nothing more.  He wasn't the happiest of campers this morning...but did enjoy riding in this along with our pumpkins:)

It took this little guy FOREVER to find the perfect pumpkin and make a was a nail biter....

Look at that grin.... We ran into his teacher this afternoon while on a walk...and she told me what  a sweet little boy he is in class...and how everybody at school just LOVES Joseph.  Oh my....he can be quite the trouble maker at home these days....but deep down...he has the SWEETEST heart....LOVES to the fullest....and his smile....well... it's always a KILLER!!!

Sophia...third grade....all grown up...going on 16.   She is one stubborn little cookie....but when her mind is set....there is no turning back.  And I guess...her steadfast determination is something we should be proud of.  She will be strong and independent.  Both hugely important qualities.... but oh my...these last few weeks....she is testing me.... lots of talking back...lots of "I am always right" lots of attitude.  She is definitely keeping me on my toes..  Hate having to say no to her....but sometimes it is the only way...

I LOVE how Sophia adores her little brother, and how he loves her right back.  She's the best mini mommy ever!

It was hard to get a smile from serious sam today....he's always so curious about what is going on.

It's been a while since I pulled out my camera....but I forced myself this morning...but it was still fun to take a few "easy" Instagram pics too...

Our little pumpkin patch trip had to be fairly quick today....but I'm hoping we can hit a few more before the season is over.  And I'm hoping we will have some good sleepers tonight after the pumpkin patch, soccer game, afternoon walk, hula hoop contest and dance off tonight.

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