Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sea Island

We saved the best part of summer for last....  This summer we headed to Sea Island, Georgia with Yiayia and Pappou and Thea.  Thank goodness for all those extra hands because whew...traveling with these guys can be exhausting.  We had a great time....absolutely no unexpected airsickness...yayyyyyyy.....and just an all around fun time at the beach!

Sam and Joseph watching all of the airplane action before we left KC.

Even with dramamine....this guy really only slept during the layovers between flights.....but overall he did a great job on all of the flights!!!

Posing with the bulldog outside the restaurant after dinner one night.

The walking path to the beach from our cottage.

It's always so fun to watch the kids take in the beauty of the ocean when they first see it again!  Joseph really loved the water and sand this time.  He wasn't a fan of the sand during our last family vacation a few years it was fun to watch him really enjoy the beach this time around!

Even Sammy had fun with the sand....still not a fan of too much water...but he definitely made progress.... He loved jumping in the swimming pool to his Pappou.

Being silly at breakfast...

Beach filled mornings...

LOTS of afternoon rain....and sleepyheads!

But that just allowed for lunch and ice cream and Sam's favorite....FRENCH FRIES!

We even had our own pool cleaner!

Afternoon naps in Mommy's bed:)

And our cute little cottage...

Thanks for a FUN FUN trip Yiayia and Pappou!  ( I think we may need to go back...b/c J hasn't stopped talking about his spiderman figure that he is POSITIVE he left in the house....are you sure you didn't find it Pappou???? Hahahahahaha!!!!!)

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Kelsey Bakalar said...

Gorgeous pictures! Gorgeous family! Glad you had such a good time.