Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Days 2013

The school year certainly crept up on us quickly this year.  Sooooo hard to believe that TWO of the THREE will be in school ALL day this year.  I tried soooo hard to keep this little guy home at least for half a day....but apparently I was one of the only parents left begging for half day FULL day it's gonna be:(    

Here they are all dolled up for Kindergarten and Fourth grade orientation!

J in his classroom for the first time....and big sister already checking things out for him!

Shaking his teacher's hand for the first time!

And my Sophia....always so nervous about her new teacher....fell in love instantaneously.  They almost look like twins, don't they?

And then...just a few short days later....with new backpacks in tow...they were off!

He looked a wee bit nervous..

Already all smiles!

And Miss Sophia...looks ready to conquer!

We dropped the oldest two off....headed to Mass to do a little spying ...hahaha!!!  And then headed home.  It's just gonna be me and this little Man for the next 9 months!!!  Can't complain about that!

As soon as we came home, Sam immediately found one of J's old backpacks.  Oh my.... I think he thinks it's his turn to go to school......but I'm NOT gonna let that happen for a LONG while!

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