Thursday, January 9, 2014

Halloween 2013

It's time to play catch-up on the blog again.  Wow...can't believe how quickly this school year has already gone!  Back tracking a bit to Halloween...

Costume picking is always so exciting....but oh my....what a chore it can be when the littles decide to change their minds 100 times each! Haha!  But in the end....this year...Sam chose to be Superman....and quickly grew to love his new Superman Sam name!

Sophia....well....much to my dismay....has left the cute princess costumes behind and traded them in for glamorous singing stars!  She was thrilled with her "true to life" headpiece Thea adapted for her:))  She fell in love with her sparkling high heeled sandals...until the end of the night when she was whining in pain!  We did a LOT of walking and let's just say...all fared well by the time trick-or-treating was done!

Again...a Ninja was not my choice costume...but little J would see it no other way!  And he was a pretty cute Ninja!  It's the year of the Ninjago's for this little man!

We just can't get enough of "Despicable Me," so this pumpkin was perfect for our house.  We had fun making him, painting a number of pumpkins and carving!

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