Monday, January 20, 2014

Super Six

Not much has changed with this little guy in the last SIX years.  He is pretty much ALWAYS smiling...and always being his silly little self....but I can certainly tell he is getting older.  He pretty much likes to set and play by his own rules...hmmmm.....    But nevertheless....he is the LIFE of our party every day!

Just like Christmas....this little guy wanted everything NINJAGO!  So....I tried to make simplified versions of his favorite Ninjas.  Lloyd, Kai and Jay are his top three.  (Or so I thought).  I apparently left out Cole ( the black Ninja) Oh horrors!  haha

A simple Lloyd cake for the birthday boy!

Sophia was the STAR of this party.  She had big plans for this little "bother" of hers.  She asked me to help her plan a surprise party for J!  So we rounded up the gang....coaxed this little guy out to eat while the rest of the family snuck into our house!  After a quick bite to eat.... we came home to a HUGE surprise.

And he was SPEECHLESS.... a sure indication that he was surprised....because our little J is never without words!! Hahaha  Someday I will try to figure out how to post the video of him walking in!  It was pretty cute to see how surprised he was!

And the sweetest part of all...this little poster Sophia made especially for J!

Hope your day was as fun as you are to us, little J!