Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Full Speed Ahead....

We said good-bye to our binky and didn't stop truckin'.  We tackled potty training head-on....and I have to say....Sam is getting the hang of it!!!

I've done it a little different with each of the three kids....and it's funny...the concept is the same....but they all somehow needed different incentives.  Sophia really didn't need any....but loved being able to mark a "success" on her potty chart.  She picked up the whole idea very quickly.   J was happy with a few m&ms, but would sit on the potty for 10 minutes....and then decide to go as soon as those "big boy pants" were on.  Oh my.... I remember cleaning up lots of messes that week!  And Sammy....well...he liked the idea of surprises.  So I wrapped lots of teensy little surprises.  At the beginning whenever he had a success...he got to open one.  Then we stretched it to having a successful morning before opening and so on.   

He is not completely 100% trained yet....still wears a pull-up at naps (though he is doing good at staying dry then) and at night.  I am sooooo proud of him.  He can be so stubborn at times so I was sure we wouldn't be anywhere close to where we are by this time!

He is so proud of his accomplishments....and keeps saying he will get to go to preschool next year now!  Hard to believe we will be celebrating his big THREE in just a few days.  Slow down, Sammy!!

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