Monday, November 10, 2008

Joseph's First Bike Ride

A few weeks ago...when the weather was still nice, Sophia decided it was a great day for a "family" bike ride! She kept insisting that we just put Joseph on the back of daddy's bike. I was a bit nervous as we never took Sophia on the back of Brett's bike till she was much older....but after an afternoon of pleading from Sophia and some reassurance from Brett, I decided it would be okay! I took a picture of Joseph "pre-trip"....and you can see he looks a bit nervous from all of the gear. Wish I could have taken some pictures during the ride, though, because the smile on his face seemed to show how much he really enjoyed it. And thank goodness....I was not trying to snap pictures because I was having to keep my eye on little Missy! She thinks she is a BIG girl now riding a "two-wheel" and sometimes forgets to stop at the end of a sidewalk. She was so concerned with being the first one in line!!!

Also...some cute pics of Joseph in his KU t-shirt. I saved it for so long so he could finally fit into it, and now it is already almost too small. You think his Pappou might be able to find a bigger one for him???


--Kelsey Bakalar-- said...

Joseph is growing so quickly! He looks so happy...what a doll! Family bike rides, huh? You guys are good! :)

Eryn said...

that purple helmet with pink stars is priceless!!!