Monday, November 17, 2008

Meet "Kite Yellow Standard" the Elf on OUR shelf!

Well we still have 38 days till Christmas, but Santa already came to our house last night! He dropped off an elf for our shelf and a book to teach us all about him. Sophia was the first to spot him perched atop our mantle when she came down for breakfast. In the book, Santa explained that he was sending this special elf to "watch over" us during the Christmas season to make sure we were being good boys and girls and mommies and daddies. Each night, our magical elf will return to the North Pole to report the day"s behavior. He will arrive back at our house the next morning, but we will have to find him in a different spot. The only rules for this little game: 1. We can't ever touch our special fellow, or he might lose his magic; and 2. We must give him a name (Sophia chose " Kite Yellow Standard...hmmmm) We CAN talk to him, and though he doesn't speak, he is an EXCELLENT listener. Sophia warmed up to our new little fellow right away, and early this morning I caught her already showing him her Christmas list so that he could share her wishes with Santa. We can't wait to see where he will be hiding when he arrives back from the North Pole at our house tomorrow morning!


yiayia said...

Welcome, Kite Yellow! I know you're going to find good girls and boys at Sophia's house! She's the best and so is her Mommy!!!!! <3--What does our little guy, Joseph think??? <3

koki said...

Where was Kite Yellow today?