Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It's hard to believe Halloween 2008 is already over! It seems like just yesterday that we were pulling out all of our Halloween decorations....which we did by the way in the month of September! Sophia LOVES Halloween, and can't wait to decorate for the season. Our inflatable Tigger was the first to go up on our front porch. Brett programed him to a switch in our entry closet and Sophia quickly learned how to hit the switch to make Tigger inflate. EVERY morning in October, as soon as she would wake up...the first thing she would do was to run down the stairs and turn on Tigger! She was also thrilled when our neighbors put up their inflatable vampire and when more neighbors put up their skeleton that comes in and out of a treasure chest. You can imagine how she could hardly contain herself when she discovered another neighbor put up a different Tigger that was 3 times the size of ours. So, during the month of October.... we took many walks and many many drives down our street and back to check and see who had turned all of their Halloween decorations on. Many times in the car....Sophia asked me to stop in the middle of the street so she could capture all these amazing decorations on her fisher price camera!!!!

Anyway....our day yesterday was pretty exhausting but so much fun for both of the kids! Joseph seemed to enjoy his first Halloween, too! We had a pretty normal Friday morning without too many suprises...with the exception of the large ghost Brett and I hung from the entry chandelier the night before and the toast we cut out into Halloween shapes for breakfast! Joseph liked to look at it and laughed when we would say BOO! I of course took some pictures at breakfast time when the kids were reading their Halloween books and later in the morning just to get their cute Halloween t-shirts.

Sophia was pretty excited about her costume. And I was even more excited when she decided she was going to let me put some make-up on her! After all...what is a clown without make-up! I only got as far as a little bit of blush and some lipgloss (strawberry flavored of course!). She was the cutest clown ever (even though her costume had way more blue and purple than she would have is the only color for her!!!) And Joseph...well I must say he was the cutest lion ever! He even knows how to joke!!!! I had no idea the weather would be 75 degrees his costume was a bit warm...but he had no complaints! Aside from a little spit up on his mane....he did really well in his little costume. He even trick-or-treated with Sophia for over an hour! We got some pics before can see from some of Sophia's expressions that picture time can be quite a chore!

Sophia was so excited to trick or treat this year even though she could have cared about the candy. She loved dressing up and getting to go to all the houses to say trick or treat. She was so excited to fill up her pumpkin with so many goodies....but she will probably never touch any of it ...unless it is a cherry lollipop! I guess I should be thankful that candy doesn't excite her! She was thrilled to get a picture next to the inflatable skeleton and the enormous Tigger that she adored! We even had to walk by those houses today to get one last peek....but unfortunatley the neighbors had already taken them down! I'm sure she will remember to look for them next year!


yiayia said...

Spooky! They are the cutest goblins I have EVER seen and I am NOT prejudice!!!! Really! I remember when Mama, Amalia, used to love putting her clown costume on, too--but it was lipstick galore for that clown!. Perfect night for Joseph! He just rolls with the flow. What a cutie. Ya know, Sophia's all ready informing me about her costume for next year!!!! Geeza! :-) <3

koki said...

I love the music - you are officially high tech Lia! They were both adorable of course and I am not biased whatsoever! ;) What a pretty day today - hope you got outside to enjoy it. I just drove around in the Eos - surprise, surprise! xoxoxo, ang