Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Day

Pumpkin Day has kind of become a tradition for Sophia...and now for Joseph. Every year we go to Omi and Papa's and spend a morning or afternoon painting to our hearts content...or in Sophia's case painting and painting and painting until there is absolutely no more orange left to be seen on the pumpkin! I love to watch how seriously she applies every color. And of course she can't get enough of the glitter glue! Despite one minor upset (where she decided the pink butterfly she had painted was not at all what it should be....and mommy had to completely wipe off the entire painting on one pumpkin), Sophia had a terrific time! Joseph of course found his fun crawling under the table and pushing chairs and step stools around...go figure!!! Thanks Omi and Auntie E for all the fun!

We also carved one of our pumpkins at home that morning. This year was the first time Sophia decided she was brave enough to reach in and touch the oooeeeyy goooeys inside....and she actually kind of liked it. I reminded her how she was too scared to do this last year. "But now I am four and a I can do it, " she told me! By the way....her half birthday was October 28th!

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koki said...

So cute! I love your new blog background! You are really becoming hi-tech Lia - I'm impressed. xoxo