Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sneak Peak

I know... Halloween is still a few days away....but I can't resist! I have to post some photos of Sophia in her Halloween costume. Sophia had her Halloween party at church this she got to dress up a bit early. I love her costume and of course think she was the best dressed at the you think I'm biased...hmmmm... I love that she chose to be a clown this year...b/c I, myself, was a clown for many Halloweens. I, however, wanted to be a clown only because I knew it was a costume that would allow me the opportunity to wear LIPSTICK. I can still remember my mother telling me how to round my lips as she put her red lipstick on me. I can still smell how the light green clinique tube smelled! I was a lipstick fanatic.....just ask my mother about the time I drew all over my body with her tube of lipstick! She got some great pictures of that. Sophia wants absolutely nothing to do with lipstick...even in her clown costume. She insisted on wearing only her colorless (but smelly) lipgloss! Too funny!

Joseph didn't go to the Halloween party, but he made his own fun this weekend. This little guy wants to walk! He finds anything and everything in the house and tries to push it around! Occasionally, though he loses his balance (he can't stand up on his own quite yet even though he thinks he can!) We had two episodes of bleeding gums this weekend...EEEEK! His little teeth are so sharp from just cutting through the gums....that every time he falls he hits his mouth in just the right spot and those little guys cut through his gums! It always scares me to death to see his mouth when it is bleeding and I can't always see where it is coming from! When he recovers, though, he is right back up again trying to do the same thing that got him into trouble in the first place. I think this little Joe might have a few more cuts and bruises as he grows up than his sister did!

And finally the weekend ended with a fun celebration at Yiayia's house for her birthday! Thanks for the yummy dinner...Yiayia! Sophia was thrilled to give her the birthday card she made for her...glitter and all!


yiayia said...

Makes me cry to see a new generation of clowns!!!! She's just as cute as her "Mama" was. These little ones just love this holiday. Wonder what little "Joe" will think. He'll probably "appropriately" growl! Can't wait to see them both all dressed up! <3

Eryn said...

Love the new page!!! Looks great! I had a lot of fun yesterday. I have to admit Sophia's costume is darn cute-even though I have a thing about clowns. I think my fear is all in the makeup...haha!!!

Eryn said...

...sorry I didn't proof read that before posting...oops! :)

--Kelsey Bakalar-- said...

Amalia, the new wallpaper looks great!! You need to check out the birthday tickers for the kids on cute. I have to admit, I stole all of these ideas from one of my girlfriends! Your kids are beautiful!! Loved the lipstick story!