Thursday, October 23, 2008

J is for Jumper!

Sophia still insists on getting herself dressed in the mornings. As soon as her alarm clock goes off, I hear her feet jump out of bed and she runs downstairs to have us help her take her jammies off. Then back upstairs she goes to get dressed ALL BY HERSELF (sometimes she comes down wearing two undershirts under her clothes...oops!) One morning last week, a proud Sophia came running into my bathroom wearing a new dress she had laid out the night before. She stood in front of my mirror and started jumping up and down, up and down...Forgetting that I had once referred to this dress as a "jumper", I asked her why she was jumping up and down. Of course her reply was...." I have to jump today because I am wearing my "jumper." I guess it was fitting that Sophia's class also studied the letter J these past few weeks. She insisted on wearing her jumper on her "j" show and tell day! I guess we will get good wear out of this dress... we have already worn it twice in one week!

I have to give Thea credit for these darling pictures...she took most of them when she visited that day. And no.... I don't normally allow Sophia to pick Joseph up like that...but it did make for a darling picture!

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Eryn said...

At least it is a darn cute dress!! She could be one of those kids that wants to wear their underwear on the outside of their pants!! haha! I am in pediatrics now and learning lots of fun stuff about Sophia and Joseph's age groups!!!