Thursday, October 9, 2008

9 months old and time is a flyin'

I know it sounds so cliche, but I really don't know where the time has gone. I can not believe our little guy is 9 months! It seems like it was just the other day when we were bundling him up in his enormous coat to leave the hospital that cold night in Iowa. As we tell Sophia...our hearts got bigger that day because now we had two babies to love....and they haven't stopped growing since. Joseph's silly smiles, his easy going personality, the way he loves everyone he meets....all these things we are so grateful for.
At nine months, he is crawling up a storm, trying desperately to stand up on his own and adoring his BIG sister. He wants to follow her wherever she goes...and she LOVES that she has an admirer. He still loves his puppy, and has a great time trying to pull his hair (Willie never complains). Speaking of hair....he loves to pull out my hair and he will stare at that one tiny strand between his tiny fingers for quite some time. I am growing my hair back out just for him! :) He does say "mama" though not sure he says it for me all of the time... I think he says it when he wants more of anything (i.e., milk, crackers, up, etc!) He does attempt to sign "more" and even shouts out "mo" when we are not responding fast enough. He can also clap his hands when I say " Yay, Joseph!" Of course he loves to laugh at his daddy....Daddy knows just where to tickle....and every morning when I am changing him and daddy walks in, he immediately tries to "talk" to him to get his attention. I think it is so sweet how he adores him and reaches out to him when he sees him!
We love you Joseph....don't grow up too fast!
PS I almost forgot....His present for his 9 month birthday.... 4 new teeth starting cutting through finally on the top was a long night...poor Joseph!


Eryn said...

I feel Joseph's pain...nothin like being 25 and having a wisdom tooth come in! I can't imagine having multiple teeth come in at the same time. I am super glad I don't remember those days!!! :)

yiayia said...

I think I finally got this thing down!!!! I hope anyway. Does my Joseph have the best smile or what!!!!!!! Cute cute cute. What a mover!

koki said...

Yeeeeeeah Joseph!!! I am shocked to see Yiayia on Blogger - what's next a Facebook page? xoxo, Thea