Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Toes and Curls, Boys and Girls!

The past few weeks have seemed pretty ordinary. Thankfully, everyone has been relatively healthy and we've been able to enjoy getting back into the groove of our regular routine. But when I looked through my camera pics, I realized that our last few weeks have not been "ordinary" at all! Sophia and Joseph grow up more each day...and sometimes even I don't recognize the "extra" ordinary events till I look back! Joseph is becoming much more "communicative" (though not with words :)) each and every day. He points to a lot of things, drags me to places around the house where "accidents" have occurred and points them out (i.e., window sills where little hands have been a little too curious and pulled out the window levers), and points to food that has maybe not so accidentally fallen to the floor. He is also very much into waving to cars and people especially when we take big sister to preschool. He continues to be the loving little guy he has been since day one. He has always loved to hug us...but now he loves to hug Willie too!

It's fun to watch him play with his toys and scoot them around the house. Of course running and playing peek a boo and hide and seek are also some of this favorites!

It's fun to watch him learn new things, but even more fun to see the physical changes as he grows. Of course he will always be my baby, but even his little feet seem to be getting bigger. I LOVE his toes and he loves to take his socks off so I can tickle those toes! But even more exciting than this.....I am THRILLED that he has curls! Yes, really....not just waves, but real curls in the back of his head! Maybe one of my children will have curls afterall!

In looking through my latest pictures, I have learned that boys will be boys! It's hilarious how many pictures I have of Sophia sitting down quite content coloring, reading, watching, etc. Capturing Joseph is a bit more difficult. He is ALWAYS on the move...and sometimes gets himself into the silliest positions! Maybe you can see what I mean in these pics.

Well, I did find ONE picture of Joseph sitting....but it wasn't actually me who took the picture. Can you guess who snapped this shot??


yiayia said...

I'm sure it was my Sophia!!! I think she's going to be photographer!!!!!! I LOVE the feet!!!! And I love the CURLS!!!! He is the Gerber baby FOR SURE! He is just adorable. <3

koki said...

LOVED this - you and Sophia should open your own photography business - I could help! Happy Spring Break! xoxo