Monday, March 23, 2009

Never a Dull moment

Well, Spring Break has come and gone. We had a nice relaxing week with lots of outside time. It was so nice to get to the parks, take some walks, go for ice cream, etc. It just makes me want summer to be here even sooner. By Monday, though, it seemed that maybe things around here had become a little too relaxed. We had lots of whiners here....there seemed to be too much screaming...too much running, and too many "accidental" pen marks somehow "appearing" on the kitchen table and the laundry room door. The missing ( or possibly swallowed) small ear on the blue wooden elephant instrument might have been the last straw. Hmmm... by Monday morning, it seemed it was time for a refresher course in our house rules. So here's what Sophia and I came up with: it really wasn't all work and no play today....We did have some fun creating a Dr. Seuss hat in honor of his birthday this month. Sophia is studying the letter " d" this week and is having a hat day at school this week in honor of this great author. We had fun making the tall hat....but oops....I don't think I made it big enough...b/c it kept falling off of Sophia's head. Sophia decided it was better suited for Itty.

Though she was following one of our newly written house rules (Sharing) probably wasn't such a great idea for Sophia to "share" her hat with Joseph.... OOPS!

Speaking of rules....Joseph scored an A in the area of table manners today. This is a MOMENTOUS occasion at our house. He actually ate about 80% of his lunch today with only minimal spitting out! He ate parts of a hot dog...and actually may have......LIKED it! YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Here is how he smiles when his mama is SOOOOOOO proud of him!

And last but not is what our children always look like after dinner....peacefully and quietly reading to themselves...
no running around, no climbing on the dishwasher, no dragging the vaccuum attachment, no scooting the chairs around! Ha, ha! Well, this is really what it looked like after dinner tonight....even if it was just ONE night. Maybe that course in house rules made all of the difference.

Is this peaceful end to the day an indicator of how the rest of the week will fare? I have a feeling it may not be so peaceful come Wednesday....Sophia is scheduled for trip #2 to the dentist....This week's appointment: impressions for the palate extender.
PS. When I said good-night to Sophia....she requested that I check in her closet, the guest room and Joseph's room to be sure that Grizzle and "Jello-Girl" were nowhere to be found. Oh my....I guess I"ll have to save this story for another day!

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yiayia said...

Well, ANYONE could tell Sophia and Joseph's Mama's a teacher at heart!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're gonna miss this chaos someday, Mama!!!! :-) Trust me! They're adorable. <3