Sunday, May 3, 2009


Things have been blossoming around here in more ways than one! It's been a busy week.....I think I may be more excited for summer's arrival than Sophia! Those lazy days of summer sound awfully appealing to me right now!

Sophia celebrated her "real" birthday on fancy cakes on this day, though...just a plain ole bagel (with cream cheese of course) topped with 5 birthday candles! May all of your wishes come true!

Her day was a pretty busy in the morning and her spring program/preschool graduation in the evening. Oh my.... I'm not sure 4 and 5 year olds are quite ready for "graduation," but I must admit...she was a pretty cute graduate! Here are some pics from the night.

She looks pretty "at ease" here!

Joseph was so excited to see his big sister on stage...and he had a great time waving at can't even tell that he still was not feeling up to par!

And finally... here is the Brave Bear graduate getting ready to hug her teachers and show off her "diploma!"

The week ended with Kindergarten Round-Up! I can't believe this girl is already almost a kindergartener! She was pretty excited about her visit to her new school and happy to show off the new prayer book she received as well as the craft she got to do!

Friday also happened to be May of course we had a coordinating themed craft planned. Rather than making baskets or May crowns... I thought it would be fun to try making tissue paper flowers! Well, there was no modge podge involved in this craft... so I guess that made it somewhat less appealing for Miss Sophia ( I must admit... it was more of an adult's task), but she sure enjoyed the finished project! She used two of them for "centerpieces" on her tea table in her room!

Finally, our weekend ended with a special photo shoot of Joseph and Sophia. The photographer happened to be one of Sophia's teachers in the Kindermusik classes she participated in a few years back.... She is such a sweet person....she is also an amazing mother, musician, and seamstress. Though the kids weren't as cooperative as I would have hoped (my poor little still battling the sniffles, and well, Miss P. hmmm...sometimes she can just be stubborn!), they looked adorable in their clothes... and I loved the setting!

I tried to snap a few pictures during the shoot as well... Here are some of Sophia in her sweet white sundress:

And here is the little man...He was determined to figure out how this cute little buggy moved. He gave us some smiles...but we got some tears too!

And...I think we got at least of few of the two of them together! Oh my...what a job! Thanks so much Jenn!

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yiayia said...

I LOVE the pix!!!!!!!! They're going to be darling. I can't wait to see the photographers! I'll probably want a gazillion copies cause they are the most precious I have ever seen! I know I know----I'm their Yiayia and that's why I say it----and boy am I lucky!!! <3