Saturday, May 16, 2009


"Oh my feeding TWO babies can be sooo much work!"

"My babies need to eat...but I want to play with Joseph! I think I have an idea..."

Now this is much more fun...

Besides feeding babies around here...we have been celebrating mother's day, birthdays, graduations and more birthdays! Tis the season! Here are some other pics from this past week! I forgot my camera to Auntie E's graduation....but Congrats to Nurse Eryn! We are so proud of you... and thrilled to have a nurse in the family :)

We celebrated Mother's day with dinner at our house for our mothers. Sophia gave me a card that turned into a crown to wear for the day! Here are the birdies (brownie pops) that we made for the centerpiece/favors. Too bad they didn't taste as good as they looked!

And... it's kind of silly...but I had to get a picture of this...the first time I ever made a true "lattice" topped cherry pie. Thank you Brett for helping me cut the strips sooooooo straight! Can we start a business together???

Also momentous this week... we decided it was time to make binky a "naptime" /"bedtime" only companion. And I think I am hearing Joseph say some more words as a result...whew..... He has finally added "bye-bye" and "nigh-nigh" to his vocabulary...and I'm pretty sure I heard him approximate "bubble" when he saw some soap suds in the tub tonight. Hooray!

And last but not is little Joe trying to console his sister. She was in the corner for swiping a toy out of HIS hands that he was playing with (even after I told her numerous times to let him play with his toys).... I guess he forgave her pretty quickly!


yiayia said...

The best is sibling love!!!! <3

Eryn said...

I love the last pic!!

koki said...

Reminds me of playing with our baby dolls when we were little! Too cute! Sophia looks like she has the feedings down to a science! xoxo