Thursday, May 7, 2009

Growing Pains

It sure is fun to see these little ones grow...but boy is it ever hard to see them hurt! We had lots of doctor's/dentists appointments this week. And though the week is not quite over yet....I guess it is safe to say that we have made it over the hump. The week began with a trip to the doctor hoping to find a cure for Joseph's lengthy battle with what we thought was a nasty cold. The verdict...probably allergies....the prescription....just a spoonful of zyrtec. Poor little guy... so little and already stuck with these nasty Kansas allergies (I'm not admitting that his Willie may be to blame as well). So far, the zyrtec seems to be giving him some relief...and giving Brett and myself some sleep at night. :)

Tuesday was our lucky day... no doctor's appointments that day. We took a trip to the park in our neighborhood to feed the ducks ( I was so happy with myself for remembering to save the bread crusts I normally throw down the drain when I make the kids sandwiches). After we packed the stroller with all of the necessities (you'd think we were taking a week long trip) we arrived at the lake to find no ducks in sight. But a fun time was had at the park anyway! Miss Sophia was pretty tuckered out after riding her bike and playing on the play equipment. She decided a nap in her new sleeping bag was in order!

That brings us to Wednesday. I had been dreading this day for months. Sophia was scheduled to finally receive (after many previous trips for separaters, impressions, etc) her new dental appliance (palate extender) to help correct her apparent cross bite. She was not a happy camper....but who can blame her. There were tears shed and refusals to open her mouth...but in the end, she survived. Poor little girl. We've had lots of ice cream, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and a special treat to her...salmon! Here she is leaving the dentist office. She was even willing to open wide one more time for the camera....hope the picture doesn't frighten you too much!

It's almost both Sophia and Joseph headed back to the pediatrician's office for well-checks. Sophia had her 5 year appointment and Joseph had his (month overdue) 15 month appointment. Well-checks are supposed to be good things right...well, unless you have to get shots. Poor, poor Sophia. This little girl has had a rough week..but she is such a TROOPER! She had to get FOUR shots today. Now I understand why my mother always said "Sometimes life is just not fair." Because getting four shots (two at the same in each the way) is in my mind inhumane and definitely UNFAIR! She handled it better than I did, though! I'm sure she will have both an achy mouth and an achy arm (from the Tetanus) this weekend! Now.. on a better note....Sophia got a report of good health and here are her stats:
40 lbs (53rd% for weight)
3 feet 6 inches (36th% for height)
And more beautiful than ever!!!

Joseph got the better end of the deal today... if you call getting just one shot better! Here are the little guy's stats:
21 lbs; 12 ounces (10th% for weight)
30 inches (10% for height)
18.25 inches (22% for head circumference)
and of course a handsome little beau!

Whew...hopefully no more doctor's visits for a while! Now let's end on a good note... Here are my two favorite cuties... and the last pic....well thanks to MY mama who taught me how to be a mama to my babies. Love you mama! Happy Mother's Day weekend!

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yiayia said...

The best Mother's Day gift of all is to see my beautiful babies growing happy and healthy. (All 3 of them :-) I love the smiles the tears -- the fun the sad-- all! The times go by so quickly it's hard for me to see through my tears (of joy) when I look at these priceless pix. <3