Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just what I needed

I should have known when I realized I overslept this morning...
I should have known when there was only one line open at the grocery store and everyone in front of me had mountains of groceries in their carts.
I should have known when Joseph pulled half the clothes off the rack at Gymboree.
I should have known when a grown woman (with no screaming children, by the way), stole my place in line.
I should have known when Sophia's play date was much further away than I anticipated.
I should have known when I found ants crawling on my kitchen floor AGAIN (by the way....I can barely tolerate crumbs on my kitchen floor....so ants, as you can imagine, are completely UNACCEPTABLE....sorry, Brett, I know you think they are "no big deal!")
I should have known when I had to clean up some unpleasant accidents not once, but twice.
I should have known when Willie knocked a cup of fishy crackers on the floor and Joseph decided to stomp on every one before I could get to the vaccuum.
I should have known when Joseph took my recently ironed "just for pretty" towels in the powder bath and crumpled them up into tiny balls.

I should have known that it was going to be a bad day....


I would have been wrong.

Because instead....at the end of the day.... this little guy...

MADE my day. After my "not so great day," I admit I wasn't quite looking forward to trying to keep a crazy little toddler in line for kindermusik class. And though I can't report that he sat on my lap the entire time... I can say that he is the sweetest most huggable little guy I know! Not only did he run up to me and sneak in a few "just because" hugs and kisses, but he also eagerly tried to hug all of the other children in his class. I love how he gets soooo excited to hold hands with the other children and even the other adults. He loves to reach up his arms and hold out his hands to whomever is willing to take hold. Such a friendly little guy. During the good-bye song... he walks around and says "ba-bye" to each of his friends. His smile melts my heart. I'm pretty lucky to have him. And especially today....he IS just what I needed!:)

PS... More pics from our girls weekend to come!


koki said...

awww, sweet little J! he is lucky to have you! xxoo

yiayia said...

This favorite little guy is the best! I love when he puckers up to give you a kiss!!! Adorable Joe! Our beautiful little boy. <3