Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday thoughts.

I miss the sun.
I have been on too many hayrides (in the cold and rain) this week.
Joseph can now identify three, green, and black.
Sophia is a Daisy now! I wonder how many boxes of cookies she will sell this year?
Sophia had her first bus ride today....J cried because he couldn't go on the bus.. :(
I love to watch Sophia run into school every day....I hope her love for school continues.
I finally watched PART of "Marley and Me" this week...but am not yet "brave" enough to endure the ending.
Our neighbor's "blow up" Vampire is finally up again, and we take many walks throughout the day to watch him move up & down.
I love how Joseph blows me kisses and how all of his responses to my questions end with "No, mama!"
I am grateful that we have made it this far in the school year without any major sicknesses (I am knocking on wood right now).
I love how Joseph says good bye to everything he sees "ba-bye pire....(for vampire of course)
The "M" word is now considered a bad word in our house...."mean, " that is....Missy has been using it way too frequently.
Sophia to her bus partner today: "We should hold hands so we don't get lost" :)

Our week in pictures:

Saturday: Family picture day....awwww the kids looked so cute...but getting them to sit still for a picture was near to impossible!!!

Monday: Sophia already painting the pumpkin she got at Johnson's pumpkin farm during a birthday party over the weekend.

Tuesday: Joseph preferred to play with this trucks...but Sophia scheduled him for an appointment at her salon, instead.

Wednesday: Joe cooking for his baby!

Wednesday night: I love Halloween cookies and frosting them when the little munchkins are fast asleep!

Thursday: Mason and Sophia at the Cider Mill and some of Sophia's kindergarten class. And in the next picture, the three girls on the left in the front row are all guessed it... SOPHIA!!


yiayia said...

"Mean Yiayia"---Bless his heart. I'll never forget those crocodile tears running down his cheeks! Of course, they were over in an instant! Watching our little Sophia grow always makes me think of raising you two---my heart is always swelling! They are so precious. And you are, too! <3

yiayia said...

PS---the salon pix were waaaaaaay too much. :-) <3