Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Week

Well as Sophia would say...we have spent much of the last few days at "Pediatrics." That is how little Missy refers to "After Hours Pediatrics." Between viruses, strep, and what I thought was pneumonia....I think I may have talked to all of the nurses and doctors that work there. Good news is that antibiotics have been prescribed and lungs are clear... for Sophia at least. The little guy has had off and on fevers and sniffles but has been hanging in there up to this point. But I hope today's crankiness is not a indicator of more sickness to come!!! I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.

We've had a lot of days off of school and many rainy days inside...but even though everyone has been a bit under the weather...my pictures show that we've been having at least a little bit of fun!!! With Halloween right around the corner... I decided we'd better get to carving at least one of our many pumpkins. Sophia chose the biggest one... of course! Here she is giving it a squeeze!

I guess she must have snapped this picture of me... hard at work.

And here is Joe with Sophia taking a first peek at what was actually inside this little guy.

He's not too sure about that ooey gooey stuff! But Sophia was ready and willing to pull out a few seeds!

This was one big pumpkin...it took me so long to carve it that I actually carried it with me through different rooms of the house just so I could continue working on it while the kids were playing. By the time Brett got home.. it was almost to the finishing stages and atop the kitchen counter.

Notice Brett's "doctor" gloves so he could get serious about this pumpkin business.

And here's one last shot of our finished beauty!

We also got to celebrate Yiayia's birthday early this week! Sophia was soooo excited the morning of her birthday that she wanted to call her as soon as she got out of bed just so she could sing her the "Happy Birthday" song! Sophia even pulled out a fancy crown when Yiayia arrived for cake later that night. Here they are together....

And of course the blowing out of the candles. Sophia was adamant that I make Yiayia a carrot cake this year...so I of course did as she asked.... Sophia ate every bit of the cream cheese frosting and NONE of the cake. Imagine that!!

Receiving her finished ice cream bowl that she painted at her friend Paul's Paint, Glaze and Fire birthday party was yet another highlight of Sophia's week. Here she is holding her bowl that she is so proud of!

And here is the thank-you note that Paul hand delivered to our door this evening! What a wonderful thank-note!

And of course we HAD to eat ice cream out of our bowl immediately! YUM!

The week is only half way over and still so much fun to be had. Today we had our annual pumpkin painting at Omi and Papa's house ( a few days delayed due to our weekend sicknesses)! Thanks Omi and Auntie E for all the fun! Sophia was oh so creative with her big pumpkin. Lots of jewels and beautifully painted, of course. She insisted on having some black on her plate to use because black is "Miley"s favorite color....OF COURSE! She also got to make spiders and lollipop ghosts! So much fun packed into one afternoon. Joseph was ready to get out of his chair minutes after getting in....no surprise here! But he did have some fun making dots on his pumpkin and telling us the names of the colors (as best he could:) ) Snack time and running with Papa in the screened-in-porch was the highlight of his afternoon....and of course when daddy surprised him with a ride home in "daddy's truck!!!"

Here are a few pictures of all of our fun! (Thanks for taking pictures Auntie E!!!)

I imagine with Trunk or Treat....Sophia's last soccer game and Halloween all in the next few days....I will probably have some pretty fun pictures to post before the week is over!


mom2four said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon! Have you seen Sparkle Town? It's so cute! Hey, when are you going to explain that house pic?

Kelsey Bakalar said...

I'm surprised we haven't run into you at clinic!! Lola was in last Friday and then again yesterday. Glad everyone is getting healthy!

yiayia said...

This is the best time of the year!!!! And....I hate it when these two angels aren't up to par! Hopefully, this 'spooky bug' will not interfere with trick or treating!!! Like 'J' might say 'mean bug'!!! :-) <3