Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trickteet....Hap HaWEEEN!

Even though both Sophia and Joseph were a bit under the weather this Halloween....they still found a way to enjoy every bit it! The anticipation for this holiday began long before the month even started. Sophia LOVES Halloween and picked out her Mermaid costume probably before school even started (with Yiayia's help of course). We were worried that she would change her mind with so much time left before the big day...but fortunately she was still incredibly excited to be a princess mermaid by the time Halloween arrived. I was hoping she would get more wear out of the outfit...but since she was sick for her school party and for the "Trunk or Treating" event at school....she didn't get to dress up until the night of Halloween. I guess that long wait probably made it even more exciting for her! Of course the lipgloss, blush, and eyeshadow I got to apply probably added some degree of excitement as well!!!

And as for Mr. Joe....he was the perfect accompaniment to our beautiful mermaid....he was our crab prince! Poor guy has been cutting some new toothers for a few weeks now and trying so hard not to catch sister's strep and virus....he made it pretty far....but it all got the best of him this weekend. He probably felt pretty crummy by the time we went trick-or-treating; he had developed a pretty nasty cold and cough not to mention FOUR new little teeth poking through his little red and swollen gums! Poor guy! But what a trooper....he may have been a crab....but he was far from "crabby!" at least for the night anyway!

He wasn't too sure about wearing his costume at was pretty hot underneath all those layers!!! But as soon as we went out...he was ready and rearing! He insisted that he walk....(the stroller was just not where the excitement was!!!). And he wanted to grab his own piece of candy at every house (we rehearsed trick-or-treating at our house while playing in the basement the day before). But he only took ONE every time AND he always said Tank you!!!! What a polite little guy!

Yiayia and Pappou, Thea, and Omi and Papa and Eryn all stopped by for some spooky spaghetti pie and creepy cupcakes...and thank goodness they stayed to answer our door for the many trick-or-treaters who visited while we were out! And of course they kept Mr. Willie under control! His heart must have been racing all night with the number of times the doorbell rang! I'm so glad someone got a picture of him with my camera....I just feel awful that I forgot to put his Happy Halloween scarf on!!!!

Of course we tried our best to get a picture of all of us before heading out...but that can be quite a task with too little ones bubbling over with excitement! Sophia was being her gooney little self! And keeping Joe in one spot these days is of course near to impossible!

Here are a few pics as we were out trick or treating. Sophia practically took off running...and Joseph did his best to keep up! He loved saying "Trickteet" and putting his candy in his pumpkin!

This Tigger (like the "blow-up" vampire in our neighborhood) has been a favorite of Sophia's for 2 years. Joe has become very fond of him too.. and calls him "Big Tigger" as he is about 4 times the size of our little Tigger on our porch! I got Sophia's picture next to this cute guy, but Joseph didn't want to get too close!

And of course all good things must come to an here is the little guy coming back home looking pretty content with the "pop" in his mouth!

But the party wasn't over when we got home. Sophia enjoyed her cupcake ( I made them especially for her since she does not like candy!!) while sorting her candy with Thea. Joe and "Boo" got a little lounge time on the sofa....and Joseph helped pass out candy to our trick-or-treaters! We had quite a few probably due to the great weather! I can still see Joseph running to the door when the doorbell rang and saying "Hap HaWEEN and ba-baye!!!" Such a friendly little guy and even when he didn't feel good!

Well our Halloween weekend ended where it the doctor's AGAIN! This time J has an ear infection. Okay 3 weeks of this crud is ENOUGH! Poor guy... I am listening to him struggle to breathe right now because of his congestion! At least both kiddos are on antibiotics I'm praying for some relief soon.....but I guess I won't hold my breath waiting!! And on top of his 4 new teeth, congestion and ear infection....(as if that wasn't enough)....when we took him out to get a little bit of fresh air yesterday in the gorgeous weather....he took off running down the driveway ( I guess he had cabin fever too) and he fell flat on his face!! Can you see the scratches next to his eye???

Hard to believe that Halloween has already come and gone. Why does time feel like it just slips away faster and faster every year? I am already nervous about Thanksgiving and Christmas preparations. So much I want to do... in so little time. Here's what I found Sophia thumbing through this morning.....

Yet another sign that Christmas is around the corner. I heard her ooooohhhing and ahhhing for about 30 minutes as she grabbed a pen to circle all the things that she just couldn't live without! This girl is a riot. If only we could find everything in the Toys R Us catalog...wouldn't that make life a bit easier?

Hmmmm what's on my wish list this year????? Well, unfortunately... I don't think you could find this:

or this:

in the Toys R US catalog. But I'll just keep on dreaming! :)


Polly said...

My, oh, my! Feel better soon little spooky goblins. We're so happy you had soooooooooo much fun! Thanks for letting us share the night with you----I dunno know, I hope Santa puts you on his 'GOOD GIRL' list, Miss Mama!!!! Ya know he even sees you when you're sleepin'! Looks like you're gonna need to be 'extra' good this year. <3

koki said...

Rehearsing trick-or-treating??? Wow. No wonder you have such serious trick-or-treaters chez Standard! You have the sweetest three little angels (S,J& W) living in your house! Now on to gobble gobble and Rudolph! xxooo

koki said...

p.s. love the new blog profile pic!