Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Surprise!!!

I LOVE when Santa came early for me this year....I could hardly contain my excitement!!!! Here's what Santa (AKA my parents) surprised me with when I was cooking Thanksgiving Dinner....

I was thrilled....I was surprised.... I was panicked... I had planned on reading a book about how to use this camera prior to getting my hands on that I could be familiar with it before hand. Pretty typical of me....wanting to "prepare" early. Oh well... Now I get to read about it and practice at the same time! I am in HEAVEN!!!!

We hosted Thanksgiving this I am a bit exhausted tonight...but can't wait to share some pics of our day yesterday! We have so much to be thankful for this year. I am pretty lucky to have two beautiful and healthy children, one adoring puppy, and one husband who puts up with me through it all! My parents and sister who are ALWAYS there for me...probably don't know just how much I APPRECIATE all the sacrifices they make for me. I am soooo grateful.

It's not always easy to find clothes to dress the kids alike that are actually cute for both girls and boys... but I thought these outfits were pretty close to perfect especially since J has a special love for owls!

I thought the table decorations, favors and even Willie would be good subjects for my new camera practice...

Here we are making our annual Christmas chains before the guests arrived.

We had a great time at the Thanksgiving here are just a few pics of our fun. Way too much food....and of course the kids were way too excited to eat! Joseph had a lot of fun with his new found friend, Thad, whom he now calls "BAD". Pretty fitting for this outrageous couisn of mine...ha, ha, Thad...just kidding!!

After an afternoon at our house, we all headed down to Nouna's house on the Plaza for dessert and of course the Plaza Lighting! This was J's first plaza lighting experience! I love to see the expressions on these little guys faces when the lights and fireworks light up the night sky! A perfect end to a perfect day!

So today, we intended to decorate the tree....but we kept finding "failed", sorry Brett...but I guess we will have to restring this year!!! Sophia was too excited to wait....the lights may not be on the tree yet...but her new princess ornament has already found its home for the year!!! So, one ornament down...and many many to go...but at least I was able to get a few decorations up around the more opportunities for camera practice!!!

I have a feeling I will be pretty excited to take pictures this Christmas!!!


koki said...

Yay! I've been checking "the" blog since yesterday morning waiting to see pics from our newest photog! Beautiful pics Lia and absolutely perfect Thanksgiving chez Standard. Every single bite was amazing! Thank you for hosting - I know how much work it is not to mention with two kiddos running around the house. Love you xxooo

mom2four said...

WHICH ONE? WHICH ONE? I'm so excited for you! Let's get together to chat soon! You need the 430EXII wonders!

Polly said...

Thanks for making our holiday memorable---lots of hard work paid off for a lovely day. We are so excited you like your camera! Knowing my daughter you will be a pro in no time! The pix of my two babies for the entire day are priceless. We give thanks. <3 Yiayia