Thursday, November 19, 2009

Royal Icing = Royal PAIN

So.... I have had a lot on my mind these past few weeks. And what do I do when I need to clear my head????

I was asked to bake cookies for a I decided my usual sugar cookie icing recipe was not good enough. Royal Icing it had to be. I've made this icing before...and never loved it....and this time after many trials, many errors, a few successes....I have decided it is just a royal pain. So the sifting of the powdered sugar drives me does the guesswork involved in how much water I need to make it of "flooding" consistency! The only positive??? Little J LOVES to pull up a chair and watch the mixer go on turbo speed to whip it to perfection. Oh my.... It's not even Thanksgiving yet....and dare I say I am already tired of cooking????

Well here is some of what I've been doing this week to clear my head:

More exciting than my baking was Sophia's Daisy Investiture Ceremony! Today she earned a Daisy pin and one of the petals for her Daisy flower on her vest (Today she earned the blue petal standing for Honesty and Fairness). She was pretty excited and her whole troop looked pretty darn cute. Sophia was the only one without her school uniform on...not sure if they were supposed to wear it (oops) or maybe the other girls were all in afternoon kindergarten and hadn't changed yet. Oh well..I loved that she was the colorful one...reminded me of the Olivia story when Olivia tells her mother she likes to be different than all of the rest!

I tried to get a picture of Joseph watching...but the stinker kept turning his head. He was pretty into the baby in the carrier right next to him!

And finally a picture of the new oil cloth for the kids coloring old one (that I cut) was way too big and drove me nuts because it never stayed on and I was constantly fixing it so the kids wouldn't get glue and markers, etc on the table. Thanks to Brett....he got this one perfect....and even velcro'ed it....I don't think it's going anywhere! Love it!

Whew...the computer has been a nice break from frosting bags, frosting couplers, frosting tips, etc....Maybe it's time to move on to pies!!!


Polly said...

Congratulations, Sophia!!! MMMMMMMM, Lia, I'm thinking maybe you should open a bakery!!! <3 Yiayia

Polly said...

Where did you find the song!!!!!!!!! <3 so cute. Yiayia