Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cooped Up!

Since school has been out... we have loved spending time outside.  When we woke up to dark skies and rain clouds this morning... I knew we would have to make some inside fun or it would be a really long day...especially for Miss Sophia who begs me EVERY day to go to the pool.

We started off the day with some DORA dance music....which I am STILL singing over and over in my head....  They were all smiles while showing off their dance moves...

I even captured a few hugs....

Of course these didn't last for long as there quickly became a huge ruckus because one person decided he did not want to dance anymore....which was of course an unacceptable decision to his dance partner.

A few memory games, though, and everyone was happy again.  Later, we headed to the dentist for Sophia's 6 month check up.  She was soooo proud of herself because she didn't even shed one tear!  This earned her a d on her "Good Behavior" chart...one more word to go!!!  Even Joseph got to sit in the chair and have his little chompers checked.  He was a little apprehensive....but willing once he found out that BIG sister could sit in the chair with him!!!  Wish I had my camera at the time.

Sophia and I decided to make home-made play-doh later in the afternoon.  She had fun mixing and adding food coloring, but getting to wear plastic gloves was by far the best part of the whole process for her.  She said she felt just like Junie B who got to wear "mitts" in the book "Boss of Lunch!!"  By the way....I'm not sure why I've never tried this in the past....but my gel food coloring that I use for my cookie frosting works wonders on home-made play-doh....don't think I'll ever use liquid again!

Here she is... my little Queen of the Kitchen mixing...

And here she is showing off those spectacular "mitts!"

Little J got into the action a bit after his nap....he was a bit more apprehensive about his gloves and that squishy stuff!!!

Check out those BRIGHT colors....they almost made up for our gloomy day!!

Last but not least....our box of goodies for our neighbor who just graduated from high school...will have to wait to be delivered....as soon as we packed it full....the rains came AGAIN....So we opted to save the delivery for another day!

Is it Friday yet??


Jenn said...

This torrential rain is killing us too! But it looks like you were a champion at finding some fun activities to do...your house always looks like such fun :)


Polly said...

'Dancing with the Stars' has nothing on this pair!!!! Love the smiles. <3 Yiayia