Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Whenever I see your smiling face...

I have to smile myself....
Thanks James Taylor for these lyrics!!!

So, I woke up exhausted today....too many late night hours in the kitchen....off and on rainy weather....constantly complaining about how bad my allergies make me feel.  But so thankful I took these pictures today...because how can my day not get better when I see these cute faces.  Of course they are not so cute when they are running through the muddy yard or throwing rocks....but....all in all...they make me smile!!

Here's a picture of the candle blowing at Thea's birthday dinner Sunday night.  MMMMMMmmm, Yiayia,  that was one YUMMY chocolate cake!!!!!

I admit... I bought these for myself....and yes, they make me smile too!!!!

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Polly said...

They're the best!!!!!!!! <3 Yiayia