Monday, July 18, 2011

Christening Part Deux!

A few months ago when our Priest told me I would be required to take yet another baptism prep class (with our third child)....I was not too happy.  The class was scheduled for 9am Saturday morning over the 4th of July weekend.  I learned a lot from that class, however, as it turns out.  Even though we've been through baptisms before...I don't know that I really understood the true meaning behind it.  During our class we talked a lot about how introducing the child during the sacrament of baptism by name was so important.   So that made me spend some time learning more about Samuel's name.  I had researched the Biblical meaning behind it obviously before we named him... so I knew a lot of the amazing things Samuel had done....but I had forgotten the story of Hannah.  I didn't realize that Hannah was one of Elkanah's TWO wives.  His other wife was able to have children and Hannah struggled.  She prayed to God to give her a child....and when He did...she named him Samuel.....meaning "God Heard" or "Asked of God."  This is remarkably significant to me...because we, in a sense, did the same thing...we prayed so long for this sweet little boy.....and though the journey was less than easy....God was definitely"hearing" us all along.  We struggled with a name for this little guy....and even when we chose "Samuel" it was so hard to get used to...but now I truly is the perfect name for him.  I love it so much and it fits him  perfectly.  We asked... and God Heard.

And of course I can't forget the other details of the day....I enjoyed finally getting to make some treats and cookies for my own little guy!!

And of course I can't leave out Mr. Joe.  Don't you love the horrible bruise in the middle of his forehead?  Makes us look like good parents huh??? you can imagine...this little guy happened to be messing around in the bathtub when he scored this injury!  He's our little accident waiting to happen:)  He sure loves his frosting though!  He was a little squirrly during the ceremony....but always the life of the party!

Sophia was soooo excited for Sam's baptism.  She has the sweetest love for him....and he loves her right back.  They have the most special little bond.....She has always been the one to make him laugh....and her voice makes him smile every time!

J was sooo excited to open presents and little Samuel got so many beautiful was like a birthday!  Sam's sweet God Parents even brought special presents for Sophia and Joseph.  Can you imagine Joseph's excitement when he got his very own basketball...and Sophia the Magic Tree House books she has been BEGGING for???  So special!!

And last but not least... a picture of the cd I made for Sam's baptism.  I love to do this for the kids so they can see pictures from their birth till their baptism day....Time goes by so quickly and they change in the blink of an eye.

You can watch the video below...(probably need to pause the music at the bottom of the blog before pressing you can hear the music on the slideshow!)

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