Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One Last Hurrah!

We finally had our lemonade stand...on our last day of summer vacation!

J was pretty excited about all the customers....Thea, Auntie Eryn, our sweet neighbors, Papa, and Yiayia, and Sophia's teacher from first grade!  What a surprise!

Sam even joined in on the fun after his nap!  A big thank you to Thea....for coming to the rescue with some cups when I realized I only had five disposable ones in the pantry!

Whew... all the excitement and humidity got to him...he needed a quick rest!

Sophia was soooo excited about this lemonade stand....she even picked out her clothes and "non-matching necklace."  Too bad the clashing hair ribbon she had chosen had already fallen out of her hair!!:)

Waiting for customers...

She was being a bit stingy with her smiles...but she finally agreed to give me ONE!

Our little table... Thea did a good job picking out the cups...I'm liking the color theme a lot!!!

Good thing the grown ups were there to man the stand...b/c after a while... little S and J ran off to play basketball, have some wardrobe changes and climb trees!

A perfect end to summer..... The school bell rings bright and early tomorrow!!!


yiayia said...

Loved it!!!!!! Good good cookies and lemonade! Such entrepreneurs!!! These pix are so cute, but that blue-eyed KU cheerleader in a tree----well adorable. Blessings for a happy healthy school year for our two little Standard students. I always cried the first days of school (all the way to college)---just cause I missed you guys at home with me. <3

koki said...

Super fun way to spend an afternoon! I managed to make in almost $2 in sales! Xoxo Thea