Monday, February 4, 2013

Joseph is FIVE

It is incredibly hard for me to believe that FIVE years has gone by since the very first time I saw this sweet little boy's face.  He smiled the minute I saw him and he hasn't stopped!  He was just a wee little thing then..and not much has changed now.  But as I've always said....though he is definitely little...he sure has a huge heart.  As a baby he loved to be held and cuddled...just like today....he so freely tells me he loves me and is always offering hugs and kisses:)

He celebrated his BIG day with his preschool class and requested chocolate cupcakes with, of course, Cars wrappers.   I got to come in and read a story about the tooth fairy which was pretty exciting since J had just lost his very FIRST tooth the night before:)

He insisted on wearing his hat sideways:)  Too funny!

And brought m&ms for all of his friends since the letter of the day was M.

Back at home for lunch...Yiayia surprised him with a few small presents and a jar full of KISSES....his favorite.  

His BIG party was not planned till the weekend following his actual day but we let him open a few of his gifts on his special day:)

He picked a Winsteads dinner and opened up his new remote control flip car in the evening.

We celebrated with Thea on Saturday with a trip to LEGO land....He had been so excited to visit there:)

Learning how legos are made...

Building and racing her own lego car...

Then we headed back home for a Lego themed party...

Joseph and his buddy Will having so much fun opening

Hope you enjoyed your special day, J!  I can't believe you are FIVE!

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