Monday, February 4, 2013

Sam is TWO

Sam celebrated his big TWO years this last weekend.  And I was lucky enough to steal him away from his brother and sister for a while for a few "just me" pics:)

We celebrated his special day with dinner and of course chocolate cake.

Car cookies seemed the perfect accompaniment for the little boy whose every other word is CAR!

He was so excited about his party and blowing out the candles on his cake...but really could have cared less about opening his presents.  He was perfectly content letting big sister and big brother handle that task:)

Henry the vacuum was pretty much love at first sight for the little boy who could steal and play with my vacuums and mops all day!  Sophia is proud to tell everyone that he is going to be a janitor when he grows up:)

Hope you made a great wish, Sweet Sammy....

and hope all of your wishes come true!

Happy TWO!

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