Monday, February 4, 2013

Sam's TWO year well check

Sam had his two year well check today....but unfortunately he had to share his appointment with a sick brother:(  Poor J....has not been feeling too hot today.

Sam, however, was healthy today which doesn't happen too frequently!! But he wasn't able to escape without having to get 3 shots....ugggghhhhh.  He still screams just when the doctor checks his you can imagine the crying that ensues when shots are involved.

I talked at length with the doctor about Sam's sleep habits and how he wakes so frequently at night even at TWO.  Lately  he will sleep until about 12:30 and then have very restless sleep periods until about 3 or 4.  He cries hard and often is standing in his bed sometimes even with his eyes closed.  Other times I will sit by his door and try to let him cry it out....until I eventually hear him climb out of his bed....oh dear.   This has been a new routine for him during naptime as well.  I have found him in J's bed on many occasions during nap time.  He's quite the stinker!

Sam's speech and language has also been a HUGE concern of mine for quite some time and the doctor finally agreed today that a more formal speech eval may be in order at this point.  He definitely is receptive to what we say....but expressively....the words are slow to come.  He has made great gains, I think, though in his expressive language skills as of late.... Some of the words he can say...
Mama, Daddy, Yiayia, Pappou, Papa, Willie, attempts at both Sophia and Joseph, car, bye bye, choo chop, quack quack, lollipop, football, cheese, water, please, thank you, shoe, coat, night night, vacuum, sorry.

Sam is definitely a busy busy little guy.  He is into absolutely everything.  He draws on walls, he empties sugar containers, he climbs in dryers, ovens, anything his little self can fit into.  He opens doors and goes outside.  He hides toothbrushes.  He takes off his shoes and socks immediately after I put them on.  He is sneaky, he hides, and jumps out and says BOO!  To say he keeps me on my toes is definitely an understatement. He smiles so much more now than he did as a baby.  He still loves to be held and patted.  He loves to hear "Twinkle Twinkle"  He loves to touch anyone's hair.  I love that he still loves to be picked up at times... I love how he falls asleep when I talk or read...probably because I talk way too much.  He exhausts me to no end...but what a personality he has.  He is strong willed and determined....He will teach me something new or prepare me for something different each and every day.....Though I can't remember what my life was like before's still hard to believe that TWO WHOLE years have already passed.  He may not stay little in size for long...but I sure hope he can stay a baby for a little while longer!

TWO YEAR stats:

Height:  38 3/4 inches   greater than 95th %

Weight:  36 lbs (ONLY one pound less than his five year old brother...WOW)  greater than 95%

Head Circumference:  20 1/2  greater than 95%

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