Monday, February 10, 2014

Sam's CARS Party!

I thought for sure we would have a HUGE  Team Umizoomi Party for this little man's third birthday....but at the last minute he he surprised me with a request for a CARS party!

He LOVED his McQueen costume....  and his Winner medal.  He kept saying " I'm a WINNER!"

Besides his cookies....his only other request for his party was for Mama to make HOME-MADE pizza and CAKE!  And of course he had a few presents on his list!  He loved his new firetruck and tool belt.  Thea's crane and pizza kit ( he likes to play pizza shop in his new little play area under the stairs in the basement) were also a BIG hit!

I had to laugh when I saw this picture that Sophia took of me... I was so stressed about making sure that the pizza crust was crispy enough...that I may have started a small fire in the oven....and may have set off the fire alarm (but in my is very touchy!! hahaha).  But after all that.... I think Sam was happy with his home-made pizza!  And I may have found a new "go to" crust recipe.

Pappou and Sam watching the Superbowl....He shared his party day with the Superbowl!!

Happy with his pizza!

Thanks Nouno Dan...for getting this cute pic of the boys!

And... I thought I had sworn off making character cakes...but again.... I could not let down Sweet Sam!

Loving his medal....and J...playing tricks as usual!

There's that exciting fire truck!

Making wishes!  (Sam also requested a cookie I made a little one just for him!)

And last but not least....the cookies....McQueens...

and Maters... (whew!  these guys were exhausting to make haha!)

and whew... I think I'm ready for a little break from birthdays for a few months!!! Sammy.... I hope you loved your day as much as we LOVE you!

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