Saturday, February 22, 2014

Well checks

Both boys had their well checks a few weeks back.  Both left with zero shots and stellar reports.  Unfortunately they both developed the icky sickies a few days later ... But I think they are finally on the mend.  Ninjago building has reconvened and troublemaker Sam is back to his regular antics again ( ie locking people out of rooms, etc).  So I would say we are all well on the road to recovery!!

As for their doctor visits... I left feeling so thankful that we have been blessed with yet another year of good health.   Sometimes I think I take that for granted.   Truly we are fortunate in that regard.  We were all incredibly excited to see which of the boys weighed more.  Sam is growing by leaps and bounds..... I think he will definitely surpass his big brother in terms of size very soon.

  So..... Drumroll please.....Here are the stats:

Joseph 6 years
Height:  42 7/8 inches     10th percentile.  He was up 2 3/8 inches from last year
Weight:   41 1/2 lbs.         9th percentile.   He was up 4 1/2 pounds from last year

Samuel  3 years
Height:  40 1/2 inches     >95th percentile      He was up 1 3/4 inches from last nite. Haha
Weight:  40 1/2 pounds.   >95th percentile.    He was up 4 1/2 pounds from last year.  

So.... Sam you almost made it!!!! Watch out little J ... Sammy's right behind you;))


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