Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Light

What can I say about this little guy?  Even though he is SIX...he is still so teeny tiny to me.  He can drive me completely NUTS some days.  He can be down right defiant if he doesn't get his way.  He is POKEY...and definitely does things at his own pace.  There are days I wonder how in the world his teacher gets him to stay on task.  But aside from all of this... my J....oh my.... deep down inside that little body is one GIANT heart.    

He loves so greatly....and hugs sooo tightly.  He knows just the right time to sneak in an "I love you, Mommy."  He fights with his little brother... and loves to tease his big sister...but he ADORES both of them and would go to the ends of the earth for either of them.  He is sensitive and compassionate.  His eyes well up with giant tears every time I sing him the "Beautiful Boy" song I used to sing to him every day as a baby.  Just the other day Sam told me "Jojeph" was his hero.  When I asked why...Sam said because "Jojeph is my best friend ever."

Everyone wants to be J's best friend...because Joseph is a friend to EVERYONE!.  His sillies...his personality...and obviously his charm... make him one incredibly loveable guy.  He was soooo excited about his valentines this excited in fact...that he addressed one to himself (and picked the best car to go with it, of course).  The last few weeks, he's been struggling with his asthma like cough and had a few bouts of the croup...and just felt down right yucky.  But...he hardly ever complains.  And I must admit... I enjoyed a little extra time with him on those sick days.  He kept saying "Mommy, it's just like old times."

So... I guess it should come as no surprise that his teachers selected him to be the recipient of the Christ Light award at his school.  He is no doubt the light of OUR life, and I know that he shines at school as well.    He always has that sparkle in his eyes!  A true Godsend....and though some days I can get so frustrated with him... I really do thank God for him

I'm so proud of you sweet little J!  You will always be my "Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...Beautiful Boy."

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